Money Wheel Slot Machine

Money Wheel Slot Machine allows you to have all the thrills of Las Vegas in the palm of your hand! This unique and beautifully designed app looks incredible on both mobile phones and tablets, and allows you to play slots from anywhere in the world!

4 stars on App Store

Download Money Wheel Slot Machine today and you will get 5,000 FREE coins, just for downloading the app!

Easy to Play

Money Wheel Slot Machine is very easy to play, yet highly enjoyable (and addicting!) Simply open the app, select how many coins you’d like to wager, and tap Spin – it’s as simple as that! The 3-reel 6-line design will be very familiar for anyone experienced with slot machines, and the design looks like something straight off the Las Vegas Strip!

Beautiful Graphics

Stunning HD professional graphics let you experience a virtual slot machine like never before. Money Wheel Slot Machine offers beautiful graphics, professionally optimized for mobile devices. You have to see it to believe it!

Worldwide Leaderboards

As soon as you get started, you’ll be ranked in the Worldwide Leaderboard for this app! Based on total number of coins, the leaderboard updates daily and ranks every single player! Wager conservatively to climb slowly up the leaderboard, or risk it all to win the 100,000 coin jackpot and watch your ranking shoot up!
Available on Google Play


Awesome! I love this game! Whenever I get a spin on 2x credits it not only gives me 4x instead of 2x but it also DOUBLES MY TOTAL!!! I’m now on some 151,000,000 credits (and 30-something on the world leaderboard) within 30 minutes! If you remove this, I remove the game! Its that awesome, only the 5th star is for if you add achievements. Awesome!

Oscar Fenton-Joce

This game is great. Absolutely no problems with it, and you actually win big money. I LOVE this game

Beth Gladysz


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